Spring School

In continuity with the 29th CIPA Symposium in Florence, the next 2023 CIPA Spring School will take place in Montecatini Terme, one of the "Greatest Thermal Cities in Europe" inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This serial transnational site, which includes 11 emblematic cities of the important European thermal phenomenon, active from 1700 until the 1930s, represents a unique case of urban development born around a medical practice, from which a new urban typology arose, characterized by unprecedented form, function and specific architecture. 

Theoretical lectures (3D surveying, photogrammetry, laser scanning, photos, etc.). Practical work, in the field and in the lab with commercial and open source processing software. The participants will learn the basics in: surveying and data acquisition, data processing methods for 3D models and metric products generation. An opportunity for scholars, MSc and PhD students, researchers and specialists, archaeologists, architects, restorers, conservationists, geomatics experts, in the surveying and heritage fields to deepen their knowledge and expertise with reality-based 3D modelling techniques. 

Lecturers: Fabrizio Banfi, Valentina Bonora, Alessando Conti, Lidia Fiorini, Andreas Georgoupolos, Jose Luis Lerma, Renzo Maseroli, Andrea Masiero, Fulvio Rinaudo, Grazia Tucci.

Tutors: Joe Callas, Michelle Duong, Erica I. Parisi, Margarita Skamantzari, Chiara Stanga.

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Call for n. 4 Scholarships to attend the CIPA2023 Spring School


Programme of the Spring School